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How to Check Right Keywords and the Rankings



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The most essential element of SEO is picking the right keyword, making them rank & track the keyword position in search.

It is absolutely essential to check the right keywords and the rankings for a target keyword for a blogger or SEO professional. One of the most common mistakes which the bloggers and website administrators commit is, they write and publish articles without targeting any keywords.

It takes only 5-7 minutes to check or find out which keywords to use. Make sure you take advantage of the below-mentioned tools to complete this important step!

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Google Trends
  3. Keywordtool
  4. Term Explorer
  5. Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Tool

Once you finish writing SEO-optimized posts using your targeted keywords, your next task is to keep track of your search engine ranking and to continue creating backlinks with the proper anchor text.

Again, One of the main factors involved in getting better ranking in Google’s search engine is to select the right keyword selection.

Each blogger should aim to use keywords that users find most, especially those keywords that will help your website show one of the first few pages of search results.

If you do proper on-page SEO, then it is likely that you will first appear in 50 search results.

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To improve your SEO, you need to properly manage the keywords so that you can find out which keywords are strong for your particular domain and which are not. This information allows you to work on using the strongest keywords, thus increasing your chances of getting better ranking in Google and other search engines.

To accomplish this goal, you need a tool that can tell you where a particular keyword ranks in Google’s search results.

To help you do this, I’ve prepared a list of some of the best free online tools to check the status of your targeted keywords in Google.

  1. Small Seo Tools
  2. The Hoth

I hope this helps and now you know that how to check right Keywords and the Rankings. If you want to know more about me then please visit my website.

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